Apr 25, 2007


6"X6' oil on canvas mounted on wood (SOLD)

Just an amazing color to this flower. Nature never makes a mistake.

Apr 22, 2007


6"X5.50" oil on mounted canvas.


The painting was taken from a photo shoot at a magical place in Newport Beach called Rogers Gardens.I must have spent day's there looking and enjoying all that surrounded me. It is a place of only positive thoughts.

Apr 20, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel


I have never painted a flower this small and I must say, "I really like this process."
This will be the first in a series working from a photo study I did on flowers some years back. The canvases I painted on at the time were 48"x48" up to 72"X72".... So here I am 15 years later, looking at my photos with new interest and excitement on doing them for my blog. This is the first of, of however many I paint. Enjoy.

Apr 19, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel


Here is the second seascape study taken from my photos of the surf at Newport beach. These two got me thinking of what and how I wonted to approach a larger canvas that you can see by going to: (Process)

Apr 18, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel

Here is one of two studies for a larger canvas that I'm working on. I don't paint many seascapes but every now and then I'll confront the challenge and that they are. My challenge is to give it life, it must provoke the feelings of being there, I want to be able to feel the spray and taste the salt.

Apr 13, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel

I was struck by the light coming through the trees and playing on the land. It was painted by dabbing colors on using a flat soft brush till I got the tonality I wanted.

Apr 10, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel

Here is another example of tone and mood. I must say, the original is much richer in color as is all. Every thing was painted excepted the trees in pointillism. As for the name, it is a metaphor of my own path as who I am.

Apr 7, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel $95


A study in tone, shade and mood, keeping the painting loose so the coloring alone would set the feeling of, a quiet stroll.

Apr 3, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel


Love painting these and to keep them fresh looking in such a small area is a wonderful challenge.

Apr 2, 2007


6"X6" oil on wood panel.


Just for fun and a wonderful change from painting my larger canvases as my show draws ever so close.