Nov 7, 2012


Downtown USA on any given day.  When I was doing some of my road shows, traveling through small towns, stopping here and there to ether sleep or eat, I was taken by a feeling that time stood still.  It was like simplicity was alive and well, maybe even innocence prevailed amongst the youth; one can only hope and dream.   I call this painting "OUR-TOWN" seems so appropriate on this day of history making.    40x34 oil on canvas for this summers show.

Nov 6, 2012


Driving some of the back roads I would see farms, barns and dwellings of families all quietly set back far from neighbors and prying eyes.  I would wonder, who lives there and what are they like?   So many look welcoming enough, just void of life.  No Trespassing, Keep Out and Beware of Dog signs posted all weathered and faded indicating they have been up a long, long time.   Sadly I look and think, they're fenced in but can leave and I'm fenced out and can't get in.   After a time I put my car in gear and drive back home where all the homes are neatly lined up side by side, I open my electric garage door then close it behind me; after all, I have to making sure of my privacy. 
This is an original 6x6" oil on board mounted to a 1.5" deep box:  "Sold"


Nov 4, 2012


This was in Kansas City Missouri and a trip my sister and I took to see family.   We where just about to pass over train tracks when I stopped, got out of my van to stand near the tracks and take one single shot looking toward the city lights.  This painting is 34x34 by 2" deep canvas.  This painting is slated for next 2013 summer show.

Nov 2, 2012


                                                       " See on YouTube"

A quick trip up North, camera at the ready, clicking away at this and that I found myself in an open field, staring at the clouds, feeling the soft breeze, listening to the buzz of insects in the tall grasses. Back in my studio I let my mind drift in and out of ideas of what to paint and after a time I knew. (Sold)