Aug 16, 2012


With the sky darkening the big waves began to arriving.  Standing barefooted in the cool wet sand I could feel the power and energy rumble up though me with each wave that slammed the shoreline here in Laguna Beach.  Letting my mind drift with the never ending sound of the surf a painting emerged for another 6x6"oil.  This is on canvas and ready for a wall nearest you :-) (SOLD)


Aug 14, 2012


After 6 weeks of hanging out at the festival of arts I thought it was time to paint a fraction of the shoreline with its amazing seascape views all around, hear in Laguna Beach.  This is just up from Hotel Laguna where there are lots of rocks under the surf creating some really fantastic waves for the surfers to catch.  Then there are guys like myself that cant swim but sure can catch those waves on canvas.   This little 6x6 inch wonder "if I do say so myself "is painted on canvas mounted to a wooden box: $150+8.5 s/h  (SOLD)

Aug 7, 2012

"NEW YORK #2" urban landscape by gerald schwartz

This year I painted a 60x36 called "NY new york," if you "click on this" you will see the original.   Well that painting gave me a thought, (why not paint a 6x6"). I'll make some changes and see if I can make it work.  The challenge was on, paintbox in hand I set up my plain-air easel out on the patio and began.   The hours past quickly as a new painting came to life.  I named it "New York #2" in honer of. This is in oils, on canvas, mounted  to one of my varnished box's.  It is priced at $150+8.50 for shipping here in the USA. (SOLD)

Aug 6, 2012


 Finely I'm far from it all.   Sitting in a comfortable chair with my legs outstretched sipping on something cool, the feel of warm breezes, sounds of tropical birds hidden in the shadows of the trees, not a care in the world when it started.  It happened slowly at first, then within minuets the need got bad.... I tried to resist but it was to late, my cell phone found its way to my hand, then my ear, pressing it close and without warning I heard myself say those words...... "Can you hear me now?"       (SOLD)

Aug 1, 2012

"SILENCE" landscape by gerald schwartz

 How to paint stillness? This was my challenge in developing this painting.  It was controlling the lights and dark's and to give endless depth.  Lots going on in this little 6x6 inch oil painting.
It is on canvas mounted on Birch wood panel on a 1.5 inch deep varnished wooden box requiring not framing.  This painting is in a show this week but you my buy it now and I'll ship it in one week.  (SOLD)