Jan 26, 2011


In developing this painting I worked with the sky first, then clouds and gradually working my way down to the mountains.   The trees came next with dark under painting, after drying I was  able to ad more coloring to the tree foliage fallowed by the houses, shoreline and the waters moving forward.  This 6X6 is painted with oils on wood that had been mounted to a varnished wooden box so no framing is required: (Sold)

Jan 25, 2011


Another of my exploration of trees and light.   Most of this painting was in the style of  pointillism in getting the light and dark leaf patterns.  I started with the glare of the sun and worked out from there with yellows, oranges and red tones then when dry, went back with the richer colors all the way to deep wine and ending with greens and purples for the darkest of shadows.   The size is 6X6 inch on wood that has been mounted to a varnished box so no framing needed: $130

Jan 23, 2011


I started this painting from a photo study I did of water ways in Newport Beach's Back-bay.  This is a 36x36 inch canvas 1.5 in in depth.  For more on this painting just "Click Here" 

Jan 16, 2011


Standing amid all the trees with the sunlight working it's way past and through there was a hush. No one in the group wanted to speak and break the wonderful silence that surrounded us and even in taking up my camera I did slowly so as not to disturb.  In painting this I wanted to capture the shadows so I did so by painting in monotone colors with a hint of green in the warm glare.  This 6x6in painting is on birch wood that was mounted to a 1.5" deep wooden box that requires no framing.  (Sold)

Jan 13, 2011


Painting trees can be a challenge so I paint many, some tight with detail or some more loose. I explore and I learn how amazing they are.  Sure there is the obvious, shade, privacy even a wooden front porch but way beyond that they are life.  If there are no trees, we are gone, ciao, sayonara, adios and bye bye.  So I paint them and try to give them a place among us and perhaps make people stop to see, to admire and just maybe take a quiet stroll with them. This 6X6 original oil painting is on birch wood that has been mounted to a finished wooded box with no framing required: ( SOLD)

Jan 11, 2011


On a back roads in Arroyo Grande part of San Luis Obispo County where I once lived, you would see the country side field with oak trees.  Some majestic rooted to the ground claiming mother earth and saying "I am here to stay".  Wonderful to see them, like these two young oaks saying good-morning on there epic journey towards tomorrow.  I don't know how many I have chosen as a subject to paint over the years but its hard not wanting to honor them.  This original oil painting is 6X6 inches painted on Birch wood, it is mounted onto a finished 1.5 inch box so no framing is required: $130    

Jan 2, 2011


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Hanging around back bay in Newport Beach one morning with calm waters I couldn't help but photograph the colors reflecting back at me of gear and other stuff on the boats.  These made for some wonderful happy abstract shapes for me to paint.  I thought "this will be fun to do".  I kept it loose to feel the joy in the dancing shapes of colors floating on the waters surface.  This is an original 6x6 inch oil painting on a finished wood box with no framing required: $125 + s/h (Sold)