Apr 19, 2013


One of the most iconic corners but on a rainy night, photographed in low light and low speed, it became just this wonderful abstraction of colored blurry lights moving through the night.  It was one shot as I had to start driving  thus ending the beeping from the person behind me...  When I got home and was able to see my handy work with camera, I new; it was time for a painting to begin.... This is a 40x34 oil on canvas and will be at the Laguna Arts Festival starting July 1 to Aug 30...   

Apr 11, 2013


After driving for about10 hours and knowing I was wanting to stop soon, get a bite to eat, stretch the legs and find a place to shower and get some sleep.  All those thoughts where running around in my head when I came upon this motel in the  middle of no-place.  I pulled in, got out of my drive, looked around and thought... Nah!.... Keep going....
This is painting was done from a photo taken by a wonderful photographer and friend 
"Marc Evens":   Check him out...
This painting is done on the front of a varnished wooden box, 6x6" by 1.5 in depth, for punches and price email me "AT" (SOLD)

Apr 10, 2013


New painting for this summers show.  I must say this was a labor of love to get it to work like I wanted.   Lots of transformations and many hours of studying just where to place all that is going on.
I worked from lots of photographs to give me the composition  in telling this story.
The painting is 36x36 inches oil on canvas.   This most likely will be shown in the opening night of the show...  I will be posting more in a few days.  Hope you enjoy.