Mar 14, 2014


Sitting, I listened patiently to stories, never interrupting this most proper of ladies.  It gave me time to see her, maybe for the first time.  I looked deep into her eyes and thought of all that she has seen.  I listened to her words and the sound of her voice, sometimes trailing off in her thoughts.  It mattered not, it was just nice sitting, listening and having one more cup.  

This oil painting is painted on a 6x6x1.5 deep varnished wooden box...   (Sold)

Mar 12, 2014


there are time I... just... don' talk....  Invariably, someone will pick up the phone and say "Hello!.... Who do you want to speak with?"  Then, with there arm outstretched to you...Grinning... They always grin...  You say in a quiet, teeth clinched, bug eyed dagger stare... I... TOLD YOU....I... Am...NOT... HOME...

Gosh! those where the days... Now! We look at our cell phone and "Click" and the person is lost in cyber space... Or you see the caller on your TV screen and if not in the mood... click.  But! in all fairness, this phone is really kinda cool...   Don't you think???

This petite peinture measures 6x6"  and is in oils on a varnished wooden box.  (Sold)    

Mar 6, 2014


Back at the restaurant, after having a really good lunch, my wife and I ordered pie Ala mode, we said it at the same time.   Smiling, we grabbed our forks and made quick work of it before the ice-cream even had a chance to melt....   This 6x6 petite peinture oil on wood is can be yours with just a quick E-Mail  (Sold)

Mar 5, 2014


While I was in visiting I stopped at a restaurant that was filled with memorabilia.  I ordered a chicken pot pie and I must say it was really good.  Cant remember when the last time I had one.  I was just about finished when I looked up at this wooden box with stuff, and a flashback of memories came pouring in when I was just a young boy.  Standing I took aim with my iphone and took on  shot....  I just had to paint this sweet little 6x6"  Hope it brings memories for you too. (Sold)