Apr 14, 2015


                                                       "EQUATION of SPACE"
                                                            24x24 oil (sold)

This is from one of many road trips with my sis.  I was traveling around doing art show, each was a crazy adventure onto them selves.   This painting was from traveling through the heartland with its endless horizons, but more then that; The combination of sky and land made for a mind bending visual effect on the senses and emotions, numbing and exhilarating, one could not exist without the other, thus the title of the painting. 

Apr 3, 2015


                                                                 "SOFT SNOW"
                                                              6X6inch oil on wood

It had snowed the night before, not a lot but enough to add to the already deep mounds.  It was late in the day with the sun making its way down when I decided to go for a walk.      Blocks from my sons house when I spotted the tracks in the soft snow.  Could have been a rabbit or the countless squirrels that lived all around us here in Minnesota.  Really beautiful place, and if not for him moving here, I would never have had the opportunity to go on this walk and do this painting.  Thanks Mitch!  

Apr 2, 2015

"Two New Works"

                                                       "LOOKING SOUTH"
                                                       6X6inch oil on wood  (Sold)

                                                          6X6 oil on wood

Being in Laguna Beach one has a plethora of things to pick to paint, from early mornings to full moons lighting up the sky.  Oh I know! Every place has multitudes of subjects worth painting, I just happen to be in the right place at the right time to see these.