Jan 31, 2015


                                                            "CONTEMPLATION "
                                                                14x14 oil on canvas

The name of this painting has so many meanings for me.  This place was a discovery, my direction on the never-ending hunt for what I want to say and how to do that is a discovery...  I must let go, for to hold on means I stay in one place and I won't do that;  So discovery is a new me and that spell's freedom.

Jan 28, 2015


                                                         "VACATION TIME"
                                                         oil on canvas 14x14

We plan for trips to who knows where.  Its maps, internet, note pads of info till that moment when you say OK! Lets Go...  However long the trip is, its over in a flash and you're back home.  Its back to work, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, laundry and life.  But late in the evening when all is quiet you open the scrapbook and return to memories, and if only for a moment, its vacation time. 

Jan 17, 2015


                                                           "QUIET WALK"
                                                       14x14 oil on canvas

This is the beginning of a new series called "THE SCRAPBOOK" Not sure how many will be a part of this, but I must say I am really enjoying what I just painted and excited about what is coming.   This is from an old photo that I obtained and the memory of how I have forgotten.  But no-mater I must paint on and continue to look for more in my scrapbook.

Jan 7, 2015


                                          "OPEN" 14X14X1.5 deep canvas

The hunt for subject is a constant.  It is like trying to find the right words to explain something.  Never knowing when it will arrive in your head so you have that "A-ha" moment.   Well, I just had that moment and now I'm off and running.   I'm looking at all the canvass that I have stretched and prepared for this moment.... I am really looking forward to this next year with this new series... Standby...