Aug 20, 2009


Going home in early morning fog I was reminded of the subtlety of shapes and color of all that is around me... The location is incidental, but the mood is unmistakably familiar at first glance... Funny how somethings are like that... Loosely painted and fun for me to do I needed to share.
6x6 oil on Birch panel, mounted on a varnished wood box. (Sold)

Aug 11, 2009

"SAN CLEMENTE MORNING" (oil on Birch 6x6inch)

With a relatively warm muggy morning, the sky giving me challenging colors to work out, I pick my camera up and take one photo as the sun continues to rise obliterating all the colors that first caught my eye... Then download the shot, print it, tape it to my easel, do the painting, take a picture of it.... up-load... And... Now you get to see the finished work two hours later.... I think back on a film and this same process from beginning to end would have been a week or more.... I do love the new ways... So here is a brand new 6x6 oil on Birch paneling, mounted on a wooden box, ready for someones wall.... Hope to have another this week to post.  (Sold)