Aug 22, 2016


                                                        BRACKISH WATERS
                                                          6x6" oil on panel

The sun was setting as I raced to find parking in order to find parking and walk down to the water.  This place is back-bay in Newport Beach with up scale homes that surround this most beautiful place.  I had to sneak in just to get the shot.  There is a price to see beauty, a price to see brackish water.  

Aug 18, 2016


                                                             "THE PARK"
                                                          6x6 oil on panel

It was a clear and cool sunny day.  The bus had just pulled away from the curb throwing up dust and fallen leaves that swirled around my lags.  I turned and looked at this endless field of green and my heart skipped a beat.   I was eight years old when I stepped off that bus and it was my first day in this magical place.  My mothers hand reached for mine as she smiled down with warmth and safety, she said, "come on! lets go to the park"  Many years later I wrote a short story about this and, from time to time I read it to myself with found  flashbacks.... So today!...  I remembered, and painted when I was just a boy. 

Aug 16, 2016


                                                              "PARTY LINE"
                                                           6X6" oil on panel

At one time way before tweeting, texting, deleting, Instagram, streaming, blogging and, and, and.... There were "telephones", some with long tangled wires, some had, if you got fancy the curly wire at the end of your receiver that one had to wipe down from sticky hands.  
Well! at that time, while talking on your "telephone" you would realize you where not alone... It was the age of saying to a total stranger, "Sorry", "Can you hang up now!" or "I was talking first".   Ah Yes!... The "Party Line".    


                                                                "FIRST DAY"
                                                             6X6 oil on panel

It was early morning and still dark and yet! like clockwork, one can hear the school bus rumbling somewhere in the neighborhood.   It was the signal of the end of summer and the beginning of a school year.   There were going to be new friends, teachers, games and a new beginning to that very first day.   

Aug 8, 2016


                                                      HELLO EVENING
                                                       6X6 oil on panel

With evening approaching and a day field with lunch with friends, post-office, looking in on a few galleries, banking.... I know what your thinking... This guy is busy... But the truth is... I was just heading back into Laguna and took this shot and said to self.. #PaintThis

Aug 7, 2016


                                                           6x6 oil on panel

With the sun setting on the boundary waters a quiet fell over the lands.  After a time, new sounds came into play, frogs, owls, crickets, buzz of mosquitoes the scurrying of small night life all adding to the music of the night.  It was time to set up camp, make some hot coffee and dream.

Aug 5, 2016


                                                         6x6 oil on panel

Everything. seemed so calm, there was still, the water's moved slowly past... Then!, I heard the sound of thunder far off.  Looking in that direction I saw the lighting, a light breeze came up at first fallowed by a light rains.   Moments later the blackbirds took flight signaling to do the same and make a quick exit.  

Aug 3, 2016


Newer version, I warmed the sky and dropped that same pink into the lower corners adding to the overall feeling.  

                                                             6X6 oil on panel

I had been walking for sometime, gingerly being careful not to disturb the underbrush or step on a new seedling that might one day become...   The air was still, soft sounds of unseen birds called out musical notes.   Well, on this very fine day I stumbled out from the underbrush on to this most delicate of ponds.  I found myself slowing down my movement not to brake the silence.   Stopping my walk, I sat down letting the hush fall on me like a soft blanket.

Aug 1, 2016


                                                      A QUIET MEADOW
                                                        6X6 oil on panel

For me, I needed to just get away from the noise, people, sights and sounds of it all.  I have been in an amazing art show with great artists that I can talk with about what it is like to do what we do.  I play a card game with two wonderful artists and another I get to jab humor with along with great texting back and forth with.  But I still wanted to find a place to just get into me, so after a long hike I found a perfect little spot.  My very own quiet meadow to lie-down in and dream.