Aug 3, 2016


Newer version, I warmed the sky and dropped that same pink into the lower corners adding to the overall feeling.  

                                                             6X6 oil on panel

I had been walking for sometime, gingerly being careful not to disturb the underbrush or step on a new seedling that might one day become...   The air was still, soft sounds of unseen birds called out musical notes.   Well, on this very fine day I stumbled out from the underbrush on to this most delicate of ponds.  I found myself slowing down my movement not to brake the silence.   Stopping my walk, I sat down letting the hush fall on me like a soft blanket.


Nancy Herman said...

A truly lovely painting. I love the subtle treatment of the water. It does evoke stillness.

Gerald Schwartz said...

I thank you kindly Nancy. I wasn't sure just how I was going to handl the water, then it just fell into place.