Jan 31, 2008


Hollywood blvd on a rainy Sunday late afternoon. I have been on this street so many times that I've lost count and every time I do go, there's another angle in doing yet another painting of this great place... 6"x6" Oil on gessoed board mounted so no framing is needed. (SOLD)

Jan 25, 2008



A fun place t go and get the fresh produce that I love to cook with... 6"x6" Oil on board mounted on a 2" wooden box so no framing is needed.

Jan 23, 2008


A place of quiet walks with only the sounds of the breeze through the grasses. Oil on board mounted on a 6"x6" finished wood box. (SOLD)

Jan 22, 2008


One of the few more impressionistic paintings that I've done in a long time. I will be posting more like this in the next coming weeks.... It feels good after coming off one of my realistic canvases to get loser. Painting this confirms my love of what I do on a daily bases. Oil on a gessoed clay board mounted on a finished 6"x6" wooden box.

Jan 21, 2008


This painting is based on my little blog study that I painted this month, you can scroll down to see it. I went from my 6"x6" little study to this 40"x40" oil on canvas... You can play this short video on this painting if you like and I should be posting a new blog tomorrow... Hope you enjoy.

Jan 18, 2008



And yet another that I went into re-working the colors and putting more into it then what I originally painted...Here are the both, the top one is my final...... I tell you, being an artist is maddening.

Jan 15, 2008



This 6"x6" deep cradled box is painted in oils. There is no framing needed. This is another up-dated with more color to the painting giving it more life. This is behind my house looking west into the last of the evening sky as the sun was coming up. The subtleties of shads is what caught my attention. I just painted this one so I have to spend a little time with in to see and feel that I'm finished with it, although I don't know if I'm ever done with a painting.... It keeps it fun never to be finished.

Jan 14, 2008



Oh! the magic of paint... Yes I posted this before but after taking a long look at it I decided to repaint this and added more color in the sky, grass and water... I like it much better now, there are two more that I did this with and will post them... This is an oil on a gessoed clay board mounted on a 6"x6" finished wooden box so no framing is needed.

Jan 12, 2008


Ah! Just my attempt at a 1 1/2 minute movie making of the above painting.
The place is a mystery to me by an unknown source, but the photo was so compelling I had to paint it. The painting is 64"x20". I used a very smooth gessoed canvas that I wet down the back of, then stretched it over the 64" bars and after it thoroughly dried, I began the journey and delight of doing the above painting.

Jan 6, 2008


The painting is finished. This scene is becoming rare in the world of the traveling carnivals... So I paint them, I paint them at a distance as they move further and further away from our time and culture. The painting will be available in a gallery soon. 36"x30 oil on canvas.

Jan 4, 2008


This 6"x6" oil on gessoed clay board was really fun to paint, I also really enjoyed eating one of the mango's at the end of it modeling it's self... (Sold)

Jan 3, 2008



Just a little departure from my skies and clouds, so I thought after seeing so many wonderful still life paintings on the dailies, I thought, "Ger" take a brake and do one or two. Simple shapes, everyday things of foods and things.
This is still being worked on, but for now I hope you enjoy. A 6"x6" on a gessoed clay board with no framing is needed.

Jan 2, 2008


This is an oil painting that I did some time back. It, along with 55 other photo-realists and there works are going on tour for two years to various museums across the US, the tour is called "The New Reality". This painting is 40"x38" In painting this, I painted the canvas white then making all the colors transparent I began the layering of colors so as to handle the painting like a watercolor never using white for anything but let the white underpainting shine through..... 5 weeks at 10 to 14 hours a day 7 days a week I committed myself to this... This is but one of the many that this madman did... So to do my blogs is a real treat and a wonderful change of pace. Stay tuned for more blogs coming your way...