Sep 19, 2007


7.4"X6" oil on oak


Yes! You have seen this one before, but I re-painted the street. After looking at it, I said, "Mr,G, You can do better" Sooo, I'm showing it again and liking it better. I will be showing another that I just repainted, except that one I re did the the whole painting.. There is not to many things in life that one can re-do so I take full advantage of when I can. Hope you enjoy the new and improved.


Cooper Dragonette said...

New and improved is great Gerald. I liked the old one too, but yes, this one is better. Funny how that happens. The reflective, repetitious quality in the roadway is terrific. Great contrast to the sky.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Thanks Cooper. This was a fun painting to do on the oak wood, it has a nice heavy feel to it and excepts the oil nicely after many coats of gesso.