Feb 5, 2008



Here I have a re-worked a painting that I did last month and so I thought , why not post it again? I made enough changes to it, sky, grass, trees and diner... Yes! the food is still good even with my re-painting of it.....I have one more painting that I made a change to and I will be posting that as well. Oil on clay board mounted on a 2" deep 6"x6" finished wooden box .


Cheryl McCarley said...

Re-working it again? I've been viewing your blog, just haven't commented, sorry. My friend calls it blog stalking, love that. Your paintings are so colorful! I'm going to be posting a painting, probably tomorrow, still working on it, with clouds and would love your feed back on it. You are after all the "sky" professional. Thanks much Gerald!!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Good morning Cheryl, Yes, if there is any info I can give you it would be my pleasure.