Mar 17, 2010


This painting is based on the close-up  of one of my larger paintings I  did for my up coming show this summer at Laguna Festival
You can see the original painting I took this section from if you go to Festival 2010
I painted this in oils much like I would a water color painting using lots of transparent colors giving a very soft feel to it.  Being intrigued by the shadows and light flowing through the trees. made for a delightful journey for me.  The size of this is 6x6 inches painted on Birch wood that has been mounted on a wooden box that I varnish.  (Sold)


Gwen Bell said...

The atmosphere in this is so great! Would love to have seen the show.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Gwen, thank you, there is so much to learn and every time I paint something new comes into play, something I didn't see before.. I love that part of painting.

Gerald Schwartz said...

A comment from a new collector of this painting and "Tree Shadows".


honor is all mine. I love the big painting and I showed it to my client today, she loves it.
It is the end of the project and she is stressed about money (understandable). She says she would think about it (if it is still available). You are great and unusual talent.

Gwen Bell said...

Congrats on the sale! I just read your interview on DP...congrats on that as well!