Jan 26, 2013

"MY L.A."

There is just something that pulls me back to L.A. otherwise known as Los Angeles.  I grew up in LA with those towering palm trees, blue skies and all that it had to offer at that time in the late 40s, that's right I said late 40s, it even sounds strange to me, but that be the truth and now its 2013 so you do the math.  At that time the streets were field with so many electric and telephone poles with crisscrossing wires so as a kid looking up it seemed crowded.  Now as we travel around there is virtually none, especially with all our iPhone.  I don't even have a house phone, who needs one, we have cable and all those satellites that crowd the skies, we just cant see them now so its all good... Isn't it?   
This painting is an original oil, 6x6" on a wood 1.5" deep varnished box: "Available At"schwartzart@earthlink.net


Nancy Goldman said...

What a great sky Gerald. I grew up in the LA area too. I'm in OC now but still consider it the LA area. When we travel, I love coming home and looking down on LA and trying to figure out which freeways I'm looking at and finding other landmarks. Of course, the drive home from LAX is not picnic.

You're going to have to share "your" LA with me. : )

Gerald Schwartz said...

Hi Nancy.
I know about that drive, I to am in OC but love hanging out in LA Melrose area and the likes.