Jun 2, 2008


Taken from some past photos and a nice change from my urban landscape's I enjoyed the process of this painting. It is a 6"x8" on archival board with no faming needed. schwartzart@earthlink.net


Cheryl McCarley said...

I've been enjoying your urban paintings! I love how you handled the clouds in this painting - beautiful!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Hello Cheryl,
this was a fun painting but I don't like the jpg I have of it.. have to do better with the camera.. Hope to have another shot of this..

Anonymous said...

i like this one-- how perspective is shown from the dulling of the color in the far off land.

Gerald Schwartz said...

I thank you for stopping to look at my work.. I am working on a larger canvas at this time and hope to post some more blog paintings this week.