Jan 19, 2010


Here, starting from the beginning from stretcher bars, blank canvas, bit of outlines fallowed in the next three some of the painting progression.  Still more work to be done but I wanted to share.  This is from a 6x6 inch painting I posted a few weeks back.   This is one of many canvass to fallow for my summer show in Laguna Beach starting July.  This painting is 36x36 and I should ( It says here in fine print ) will be completed before the weekend... Then it is another round of my 6x6s  fallowed with more canvas.   My goal is to paint 8 new canvass before Jun 12.  Yes I will post this one when finished.      


Yankee, Transferred said...

Looking forward to seeing it!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Thanks for stopping. Just finished the painting take a look-see.