Nov 23, 2010


An endless landscape. A house nestled in the protection of trees.  Clouds drifting lazily.  Shadows quietly finding their way along the ground..  In the elements of this painting my goal was to provoke memories or feelings of all kinds. From the mixing of pigments, to deciding which color would work with another, to how big should the house be?  Should it be a little to the the left, a little to the right, so many factors come into play.  Painting, like writing notes for  music, each has its place, it's rhythm, it's tempo if you will, all must work in harmony.  This is a 6x6 inch original oil painting on Birch wood that is mounted to a varnished wooden box:(SOLD)


betty obst said...

Beautiful piece. Well proportioned; good use of subtle shadows and your sky, as usual...splendid!!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Hello Betty, from your descriptions it sounds like you are an artist as well. Thank you for stopping by.