Nov 10, 2010


Heading north.  I couldn't help but notice that everything was in shadows.  Hillsides, trees, roads and especially the clouds, that's what really caught my attention.  It was not just the fact that the sun was lowering in the horizon forming long shadows over a color saturated landscape, but the clouds were adding it's own mix of colors to it.  I had to stop and get out of my van and fill my eyes.  I was excited about getting back to my studio knowing I had to paint this.
This 6x6inch original oil painting is on Birch wood that had been mounted to a box that I get to finish:


michael cunningham said...

Great Post, You Rock, LOL! Please Teach Me How To Do That Master!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Whats going on my friend.. Easy to do.... NOT! I will show you..