Nov 7, 2010


Several years ago when I was doing road shows out in middle America I needed to stop and gas up, stretch my legs and give my sis Millie a break after long hours of road time.  Spotting a sign of a town I never heard of I pulled off and drove down this road to find a gas station.  Well, what I found was a wonderful little farming town that looked like we stepped back in time.  A gentleman at the gas station/market tipped his hat to my sis (when was the last time you saw that)?  There were no sidewalks, no traffic lights or stop signs.  The school house ( red in color) was little bigger then my studio... I think there were a total of twenty homes, that was it!...  Driving back to the highway I couldn't help smiling and thinking how glad I was to know places like this still exist. This is an original 8x6 inch oil painting on wood that has been mounted to a finished wooden box:(Sold)

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