Dec 14, 2008


Funny how somethings catch your eye, particularly when your tiered and you can just set back , leave the driving to a stranger, with no obligation to make small conversation to no conclusion. This is just one of those moments. I was caught by the abstraction of the rain, mist, and condensation on the windshield of my ride to the hotel. Sleepily and happily I was able to let my mind drift to the nondescript humming of the driver. After a time of just staring at the bobble head I knew, here is my next painting. Putting my camera up to an already blurry eye , I click off one shot just in time as my ride ends pulling up to the hotel and long awaiting sleep.
6x8 oil on archival board mounted to a deep varnished box.For availability


Cara Dawn Romero said...

Gerald - your perspective on what is everyday and how it can be made art is outstanding. I love these night scenes.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Good evening to you little Lady,
This was just one of those times that made such a perfect subject once my mind steaded... Thanks Cara..

Linda said...

Gerald, this is fabulous! Although it could be any city,I'm from Chicago, and this reminds me of the many times I drove in and out of the loop in the rain. Captured beautifully!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Thank you Linda, Indeed it could be anywhere, any city, we have all been there and that is what I wanted to say.. I like your blog as well..