Dec 19, 2008


It strikes me at how many people are up doing all that goes on at, let me see... 1:47 am... Including yours truly!... Oh! I can say "Will" I was out doing this and that but, so can all the others. Is the day never over out here? Is there a time when its all quiet?... I think not.. at lest not in the Big Apple. You know the drill.. Oil on archival board, Yes, its mounted on a varnished wooden box, NO! yes thats a "No" framing needed, talk about saving money.. its a 6x6 inch story of a moment in my life.For availability


Mikes1024 said...

This is a really cool painting. I really like how you captured night and the lights of traffic. Great job.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Thanks, It is always a challenge to paint, thus, I must..