Sep 9, 2012


Now that the festival and the summer show is over and I'm not tempted by the never ending fantastic cupcakes, lemon squares, bundt cakes and all the goodies baked by Marcia, a wonderful water-colorist at the show, maybe I can loose some weight.  She would sneak up with a tray of goodies and ask "would you like one,  like I would say "no".  What made it worse was her husband a relatively big guy (that you never say no to) would also find you and ask the same question... long and short, I gained 10 lbs...
The show has been over for a week.  I've been eating salads, light soups that I make, small pieces of chicken and a vegetable...  So what do I paint today....  Is there no escape!...  This is an original 6x6 oil painting:     

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