Nov 16, 2009


"Los Osos" now here is a place of wonder and beauty. Just the drive alone one can't fill their eye's with enough of what nature has to offer.  The road there meanders up, down, around and over countryside of farms, fields, rock formations and forest's.  A wonderful small town with the best breakfast and glimpses of a spectacular ocean that ends at a place that will knock you out and is crowned with the name of "Montana de Oro" WOW!... This painting is but a fraction of a little hike on a sunny day down near a little creak that was making its way to the great Pacific Ocean. I looked up and caught the fog giving a light kiss to the hill tops of paradise.   {Can you tell that I love it here?} This is a 6x6 inch oil painting on Birch wood mounted on a varnished wooden box: For a paypal bill of $125 + s/h email me      

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Cyndy Carstens said...

This is incredible - I do so envy your trips to the magnificent Pacific Coast. I love the meandering creek so blue and how it leads one to the blue foggy mountains in the distance dissected by the greens & browns. Beautiful piece.