Oct 12, 2012


This painting is from a road trip traveling through Kansas.   The day started off with another cloudless sky adding to the fourth month of much needed rain.  The temperature again was way above normal with hot air blowing the lands dry, making for a perfect combination to form the familiar dust devils one sees when crossing the great American Plains.  I had already been driving on the road for about 7 hours when I stopped to take some photographs for some later paintings when I  turned and looked west, there in the blue, blue sky, the first cloud in months.   Shortly after I arrived at my hotel in the early evening, I was standing outside watching a cloud covered sky when the first light rain began to fall.  This painting is a 6x6 inch on panel mounted to a varnished 1.5" deep box:  

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barbara b. land of boz said...

Gerald, when I first saw this I thought.....you have a sense of humor about your clouds. Then I read the story. Happy you found some rain coming your way. We also are finally getting a good rain here in Oklahoma.
till next barbara b