Jan 22, 2009


With hope on the horizon and the prayers of a nation, we go forth into a new day.. I look at what is finely taking place in my country, in our country and I must cheer. It is easy to fall into darkness but takes greater strength to look and believe that we shall overcome. The fact that so many artists have stayed in the creative process is a message to all that come to “The Daily Painters.” We give those that visit, a chance to dance amongst our colors of dreams and so! It is all the more a reason for all to keep what we do as the light into the future.

Just a thank you from me to my fellow artists.


As the rains pass, they reveal the magic of a rainbow as the sun moves slowly to kiss mother earth and get ready for "A New Day" This is an oil painting on archival board that is mounted on a 6x8 inch varnished wood box ready for your wall. $135 includes shipping here in the USA. Email schwartzart@earthlink.net for paypal bill.


Cara Dawn Romero said...

As always - a beautiful painting. I enjoyed your thoughts on our new beginnings -

Gerald Schwartz said...

Hello Cara,
I feel so much on what is taking place, that I felt compelled to say something.. Yes! its a fun painting too, and I as always, Thank you for stopping by my passions.