Jan 23, 2009


After a long walk, I came through into the clearing just in time to get one last shot as the sun was setting. Finding my way back to my car I reviewed the images on my camera and new, this was going to be a fun challenge to capture the subtleties of colors that played with my eyes on this day. This is an oil painting on archival board that is mounted on a 6x6 inch varnished wooded box. $125 today. (Sold)


Pilgrim said...

another artist blogger was arguing the pros & cons of using photgraphy as an aid to her painting, and this example is definately in the yes column.
Your colour use is WONDERFUL and inspiring. Thanks.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Good morning Pilgrim..
Yes! I do use my camera a lot.. The time of day that I seem to paint, the light is ether going or coming.. Its that exact moment that I stop and say WOW! I want to paint this.. Sooo! the camera works for me..
Thanks for stopping.

Cara Dawn Romero said...

Gerald - this is beautiful. With my schedule the way it is I'm left to painting from photos more times than not...I would prefer location but just can't. This painting makes me feel vindicated - thanks.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Hello Cara..
My camera is my memory.. the photos are just a reference, the rest is up to knowledge and skill of handling the medium.