Jan 13, 2009


With the moon rising in the early evening sky, I cross the still muddy field from the noonday showers and just visible behind the trees I can make out the big-top. As I got closer, I could hear excitement in voices of children and parents alike, like waves the cheers and laughter float on the summers air and softly wash over me as I return to a once little boy. 6x6 oil on archival board mounted on a varnished wooden box so no framing needed. Interested to own, email schwartzart@earthlink.net and I will send a paypal bill for $125


Cara Dawn Romero said...

Gerald - just for the sake of something different, for a change I will say how much I love the text. Its as visually enchanting as the painting.

PS - love the painting

Gerald Schwartz said...

You are a doll of doll's... I must admit. Knowing and respecting your artful ability with the word has made me more aware of what and how I want to talk about my paintings..
I thank you kindly and I'm glad you also enjoyed the painting.

Robin Weiss said...

I'm loving the atmosphere you always achieve beautifully!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Robin, I thank you.. There is so much to paint and ways of saying it, that it at times feels overwhelmed for I will never get it all down.