Apr 2, 2008



This is painting is dedicated to the thousands of trips I have made up and down this canyon road in the last 30 some odd years.. I painted this in oils on canvas that has been mounted on a 2" deep wooden box so no framing is needed.


Cheryl McCarley said...

I see you've been busy painting some Hawaiian scenes. They're wonderful!! Is your "Eden" the one on the way to Hana on Maui? We stopped there, it was beautiful, if it's the same place.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Aloha back!
It was on Kauai. A good friends sister has lived there for 40 years and knows just where to go...
Took me places I would not have thought to go.. Any and all places are wonderful in that part of the world.

Cheryl McCarley said...

Oh you were lucky...it's tough to find the right place and take great pictures! I don't think I took the best pictures but it wasn't about me, it was all about my mom and her dream to be there. If you visit my blog, I might paint the last picture...C