May 27, 2011


"Almost", such a simple little word to say, but the implication depending on how it is said, can be enormous and that is my point precisely.    Oh!, I know... I haven't done my daily posts.  I can't figure out how to paint quite that fast. Yes, sometimes I can and do, BUT this year I found myself needing a change.  No, not scenery, moving or lifestyle, but what I want to paint and how I like to think of it is what do I want to say.  It's easy to paint the same thing over and over, it's you know... "safe" SO! for the past seven months I stepped out and away from my soothing, calming, pretty landscapes.  Now, before I go any further, I am talking about my new canvases.  I have this up coming show and everyone knows me for my sky paintings, again, soothing and calming... comments from passerby's "I wish I was there" or "How peaceful".... Well I'm here to tell you, all that is bye bye, finished, through.... Is it scary? YES!, but I have to go down that road.  I struggled and labored over these pieces for they did not come easy.  The progression was laborious, but slowly things began to show some promise.  Canvas after canvas a door was opened revealing new thoughts.   I have finished eight canvases and I am "almost" ready to show a new me.
This YouTube  is a one minute summation of my seven months.  The image below is a small part of a total... I hope you enjoy..        


Nancy Clearwater Herman said...

Looks like it is going to be a great show! Loved the video.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Thanks Nancy, I have good feelings..