May 14, 2011


Fallowing a long forgotten path I came to a clearing that opened up to the grasslands.   If not for the breeze that gently blew across the grasses making soft rustling sounds there would be no sound at all.
Lazy clouds drifted in slow-motion as I painted this sine inside my head.  As an artist I find I am always painting, breaking things  down, mixing colors, highlighting here, deep shadows there, the process never really goes away,  rarely do I just look at something without thinking of composition and the many ways of painting it....  Maddening at time but what am I to do...  This painting is 6x6" painted on a 1.5" varnished wooden box with no framing required.


Nancy Clearwater Herman said...

This painting is amazing because it looks so quiet. In fact the quiet is resounding. Beautiful job. I like your description of always looking at life as an artist. It can be both a comfort and a distraction...or maybe that is the comfort.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Good morning Nancy, thank you for stopping by.. As one artist to another, thanks for reading what I wrote for you understand that madness..:)