Apr 21, 2011

'New canvas"

So here is # 4 of the series of 6 that I am painting for my summer show at the Festival of Arts in Laguna beach.  No! this is not the finished painting,  I'm not going to show it because I want to save it for the show this summer.   This is the most different style for me, lots of under-painting, a little out of control decisions making, constantly going back in to tweak it here and there...  Crazy stuff compared to my realistic style.  This made for a lot of fun to do and field with surprises.   It is 36" wide by 40" high oil on canvas.  (SOLD)


barbara b. land of boz said...

Gerald I really love this piece.
I like a little mystery about a painting.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Barbara B. Thank you for stopping to see my madness... I truly love to paint. Thank you for commenting..