Apr 16, 2010


I entered the office and signed in.  As I turned to sit I spotted her, she was dressed to kill. I took a seat, picked up a magazine and pretended to read but couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her gaze never left the window.  After a time a door opened to my right and a soft voice called out into the waiting room… “Ms Greenfield” she stood up and with grace glided across the floor.  Passing me she nodded, I smiled; she was wearing “Gardenia” probably my favorite perfume. I sat for a few minutes then the receptionist called out to me, she told me this and that with politeness, I thanked her nodding my head up and down showing I understood. Turning to leave I stopped to looked out the window, smiling to myself I thought, oh well, it was a nice encounter anyway. Oil on 8x6 Birch paneling, mounted on a varnished wooden box:  (Sold)

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