Apr 20, 2009


Along the California coast heading up to Big Sur on I-1 about 6:40 in the morning, I took the chance of finding a place to pull off and take some shots.. This place is named "And rightly so" "Ragged Point" I used to live in Pismo Beach and made numerouse runs up this coastline some time back, "Still wondering why I left", but like the tide in this painting moving back and forth always there, always changing so goes my life.. This was a challenge I wanted to paint of this angle. I was inspired by fellow artist and good friend Mark Kerckhoff from the festival that we both are in during the summer. He did such an angle in a painting last year and nailed it, I was next to him and threatened to cover the painting for it was getting too much attention..:) So I in turn just finished this one, I hope you enjoy. 6x8 inch oil on Birch panel, mounted on a varnished wooden box.For availability E-mail:schwartzart@earthlink.net

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