Apr 14, 2009


"Final version"
So I go down to a little place in Mexico named "Rocky Point" its about a three hour ride south of Phoenix. It's a fishing town, lots of gringos changing the look of an otherwise sleepy place. I go to disappear, there are times I need to do that. I don't speak nor understand Spanish...With gestures, smiles and my only two words "Gracia's & Si" I'm able to eat some fantastic Mexican food that I love. Not understanding Spanish frees my head of thoughts that bombard the brain like a radio that I cant turn off... I wander in & out of shops, I get to pass people talking away and I cant chime in with my opinion or any perception of if they are right or wrong, its just all sounds..., like background music.... I find I can see and test more intensely... Its also a great catharsis... Soon I will go back home and like the skiff waiting for the tide to come in, I to will again become one with the familiar... This is a 6x6 inch oil on Birch panel mounted on a varnished wooden box.$125 (Sold)

1 comment:

Dar Presto said...

Strong, dramatic, yet peaceful.
I like reading about your method of 'disappearing.'