Apr 4, 2009


Heading into Arizona I caught this cloud hugging the ground... Took one shot and new this was going to be my next painting.. I must say, I do love the flat plans of our country.. So heading east on I-10 with few headlights heading in the opposite, my two loving sisters and I take a drive up to Sedona for a few days should be a fun time of laughing, eating, wine & picture taking for more blogs.. I'll have my laptop with me and will try to post some shots of the area for those that have not had the thrill of seeing this part of America..
To be continued... This is a 6x8 inch oil painting on Birch panel that is mounted on a varnished wooden box so no framing.. (Sold)


Cara Dawn Romero said...

This is a beautiful painting. I miss those southwestern skies where you can see a storm coming miles and miles away -

Gerald Schwartz said...

Gosh Cara, you are so right, the skies in the west are fantastic..
I hope to get some good shots in Sedona, hopefully there will be clouds in the sky.... I'll let you know...
Thanks for your kind words Cara.