Apr 12, 2009


From a show I did some years ago in this most fabulous of city's... It is one of the few places I know, if your looking to eat and you open the yellow pages and with your eyes closed, go to the first place your finger points too, it's going to be a knockout restaurant or diner... It is literally a no-brainer.. On a Monday morning I cross over the bridge from Sausalito to the San Francisco side and on N. Gary, spot a diner at 6:45am and tried getting a table or counter before I got on the road was a challenge and worth whatever it took to chow down the best breakfast I had in a long time... I have done this countless times, spot something, go in, and have never-ever been disappointed. Thus, this painting that is long overdo... Sham on me... This is a 6x6 inch oil painting on Birch panel mounted on a varnished wooden box "So no framing folks" A steal at $125 + s/h (Sold)

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