Apr 23, 2009


In early winter coming through Bakersfield here in California, you can run into "tule fog" a very heavy low to the ground kind of fog that makes driving a bet tricky, sometimes it will open up and and within seconds your looking at a gray wall that your headlights cant penetrate so you come to a crawl.. It felt good to pull off, get gas and take a breather before heading back on the I-5 to LA and then Orange county... I have made this run so many times that its silly... As a side note.. If your ever on this run, you must stop at a place called "Harris Ranch" it is the best place to stop and eat or stay the night... Its the only place I have been that has eggs that taste like eggs.. An oil on Birch panel mounted on a 6x8 inch varnished wooden box.For availability E-mail:schwartzart@earthlink.net (SOLD)

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