May 31, 2009


Here I go again making changes to my work, but I cant help myself.... I really like this better that I completed the peppers, I liked the other but for me... "This one is it"...
After seasoning them with E.V.O.O. salt & pepper I roast them on the B.Q. just when I get them where I want them, they go into the bowl and wait patiently while the steaks have there turn at the grill.. So as all this is going on, I look over and the peppers and think, there is my next painting. Oil on archival board mounted on a 6x8 inch deep varnished wooden box. (Sold)


Gwen Bell said...

Wow...Great job, Gerald! Makes me hungry for Mexican food. The blue and white next to those bright red & yellows adds just the right touch of "coolness" to these "hot" babies.
Love the use of purples & reds in the shadows as well.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Gwen, I thank you for seeing what I do.. I should have you write for me.. You are gifted with both brush & word..

thank you for stopping to look..