May 21, 2009


The painting is from the Laguna Canyon, one of many trips up & down I'll be doing this summer. The canyon runs from east & west, west ends at the ocean and just a few block up is the Festival of Arts... In this painting I wanted to capture the glare at this time of day so I needed to paint wet into wet to get the distortion of color in the trees and light racing over the land.. This is an oil on Birch panel, mounted on a varnished wooden box. For availability


Gwen Bell said...

Wonderful painting! Love that glow and the way the trees go out of focus in the light. The small brush strokes of the leaves give it a feel of realism. Reminds me of some of the Old World Ink drawings.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Gwen, thank you and thanks for seeing that, it was a little maddening going back and forth with with color in such a small area.. I appreciate your observation and comment.