May 4, 2009


My continuation on the them of trains. These giant that crisscross the lands of this spinning ball has had an attraction for me since childhood... The sheer power in what they are is what gets to me... I used to take my kids to a place and we would wait at the entrance of this tunnel. We would stand on the tracks and when we felt the vibration we new... then wait again..., hearts beating a little faster staring into the giants black cave, then we would see the light beam swaying back & forth against the walls, we could feel and hear its deep throaty rumble, it is at this point we jumped back as this monster of steel shows itself, a blast of an air-horn, fallowed by the warm wind created by this magnificent machine as it rolls past. Great stuff... I can still feel the excitement talking about it....A memory forever... I have to go paint another, talk soon.... Oil on archival panel mounted on a 6x6 inch varnished wooden box.  (Sold)

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