Feb 28, 2015

#10 " For the "SCRAPBOOK SERIES"

                                                    "SHADES OF GRAY"
                                                     24x24 oil on canvas

Where I was standing I could see the clouds building and the trees started to rustle and sway back and forth.  The sky turned dark, the clouds began to expand and move toward me.  I headed back inside just in time with the first drops beginning to fall. I stood in the comfort of the home and watched the clouds and sky turn beautiful shades of gray.
I thought to myself... Here's another painting.     
this painting can be seen on YouTube


Diana Moses Botkin said...

These trompe-l'œil paintings you've been doing lately are wonderfully fun. I like this one especially: the mood and your description of the moment. Lovely!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Thanks Diana, I feel this series is moving me back to painting my skies once again..