Dec 18, 2009

'STARTS AT 2:15"

Returning to my ongoing series of B&W's, I knew some color would be a part of it just not sure  how much or how little.  So once again I post what should be about four more paintings after this one... The process will tell me when to stop.  I use a culmination of photos of  skies  and small towns from road shows some years back.  Taking something from this  photo and that, the painting begins to emerge.   This oil painting is on Birch panel mounted on a 8x6" varnished wooden box.  (SOLD)


Sheila Vaughan said...

Love this painting Gerald. When we experience scenes like this it's exactly "how" we see things. Artists "compose" but people just "see" and often things almost slip out of our vision. You didn't need more of that building to make an impact.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Sheila I thank you, I knew you would see painting like you do.