Dec 16, 2009


Taken from my 12x12 canvas painting I wanted to explore just this part of the subject.  The handling of this is much looser than I normally display but, it felt very apropos at this time... I never know what style might speak to me at that very moment the brush is poised centimeters above the awaiting surface.  It is in that  moment  I say "YES" and the painting begins.... How fun is that...  This oil painting is on Birch paneling that's mounted on a 6x6" varnished wooden box all ready to be placed on a wall.  Price $125 +s/h      (Sold)


Gwen Bell said...

Great job on those seats! I can almost feel my skin sticking to them. You've really captured the feel of the Diner. The blue and red palette works so wonderfully.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Gwen, the booth's was a workout.. I think I'm happy.. I'll check back on myself in a few days.. :}
Thanks for taking a peek..