Oct 4, 2009

"YOU GOT MAIL" original oil painting

While driving around in some back roads one morning like I do, I came upon this one mail box at the end of a dirt road in the middle of farm land.. I look around and in the distance up this road I spot this house who's mail box this must belong to... I stop my car and venture up to this lonely mail box, camera in hand, squat down and fire off one shot.. As I head back to my car, engine still running, the thought crosses my mind, if anyone in the house happened to be looking out there window at that moment had to have scratched there head wondering (what the) even though I waved, holding my camera up, probably added even more to there confusion... I just drove off with thoughts of how I was going to paint this... So here it is.. A 6x6 inch original oil painting on Birch panel, mounted on a varnished wooden box.  (Sold)

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