Oct 25, 2009

"TELL ME MORE" original oil

Funny how you can look at a photo for years and suddenly it yells at you "PAINT ME" I took this photograph way before digital cameras where around. This psychic shop has been in this location for 35 years that I know of, its on Balboa island in Newport Beach next to the ferris-wheel that I just posted. I have walked past this place hundreds of times and with each ,I would stop and stare knowing that one-day, I'm going to paint you.... Well, yesterday I was rummaging around in my studio and underneath this long table I spotted this blue box... Opening it, I find photos of past works, portraits, cars, landscapes and even my time with abstracts.. But! in the back of all this, I come to photos of things I was going to paint someday and long behold, there it was, thus! Here it is. A 6x8 inch oil painting on archival board mounted on a varnished wooden box: (Sold)

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