Mar 19, 2009


Standing high on one of the ridges in Trabuco canyon I looked east towards the Santa Anna's. This spectacular view opens up against the scruffiness of the land, hills, mountains and clouds, made for a wonderful seen to want to paint. In taking the photo, I used a Polarized filter giving me deeper colors to the sky, then back at the studio, I really had fun mixing these colors. I know the sky looks black but it is blue.. Three different blues, one green and two cad reds make up its coloring... Put it all together, start the painting from left to right, and there you have it.. This is the first time as a blog painting that I'm using this size. This scene just lends itself. The painting is 4x12 inch on Birch panel mounted on a varnished wooden box. $145 (Sold)

4 comments: said...

ahhh my friend, the Skies are a mistery, not? but worth the efforts to reveal and express this mistery.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Alex my friend, good to hear from you.. And always great to see your wonderful work as well..

David Larson Evans said...

Love this.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Thanks David,
This was a fun painting to do.. This is the second time I am painting this place.. My first the painting was 72x30.. Ah, yes a little bigger then my now blog..