Mar 19, 2009


Just found this shot amongst all my stuff and thought "This will be a nice challenge" So the painting began with the sky and seeing how and what the coloring was going to be... Then that arduous part of painting, the trees.. Trees are a challenge for me, thus you see them in a lot of my work... I just cant let them win, at lest, not all the time.. I started with the glow of the sun and worked out from there, seeing just how many trees I wanted and there rhythm. Then I painted the snow, working out color, shadows and all.. Then I set back and see how I feel about it. There are times after having posted a painting I decided, I don't like it, for one reason or another.. I remove it or rework the painting and see if I can bring it to where I want... Sometimes its a big change, sometimes not... The bottom line is, regardless of its location, my mission in painting is, create a mood, paint it as best I can, be true to my craft and strive to learn something about the process of putting all the pigments together so they make sense. Here is a 6x6 inch oil on Birch panel, mounted on a varnished wooden box. For availability


Alvin Richard said...

Beautifully done, great color palette to explore the lighting effects!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Alvin, thanks for stopping to take a peek... I also stopped to look at your site... Knockout work..