Feb 2, 2009

"ROUTE 66"

The famous "Blue Swallow Motel" on equally famous "ROUTE 66" Now to reach this place one has to get off the main highway, takes longer, road is not kept up like it once was, BUT! So worth it.. This is my fifth time of stopping and stepping back in time and my second time of painting this place with its magical skies only to be found in Santa Fe. This is a 6x8 inch oil mounted on my varnished wooden boxes ready to be given a new home for $135


Diana Moses Botkin said...

This is such a beautiful piece with a lot of underlying mood and meaning.

My husband and I love old Route 66 also. Since I'm from OKC it's like part of identity to revisit. Thanks for the nostalgic thoughts.

Cara Dawn Romero said...

You know, I grew up in Santa Rosa...just 59 miles from the Blue Swallow. Great painting and thanks for the memory -

Gerald Schwartz said...

Hello Cara, I have met one other person that knew of this place.. I was on my way back from an art show, and met up with a buddy and did some photography all along 66.. So your know of it , Fantastic.

Donald M. Foley said...

Rode right down here last month! Incredible and best part of x country journey! Thanks!


Gerald Schwartz said...

Thanks Donald, this painting was a challenge both to paint and photographing it..